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Use the other Write- cmdlets

One of the unsung features of PowerShell are the many ways to provide output.  For completely automated script via Scheduled Task or Orchestrator, I go straight to the Event Log now.  But for the majority of scripts you’ll run on … Continue reading

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Use Native Methods For Huge Performance Gains

Many PowerShell examples, samples and everything generated by PowerGUI use a common structure to filter out desired objects: Get-Something | Where-Object { $_.Name –match “pattern” } This is great for samples and one-off scripts.  It is clear and easy to … Continue reading

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NetApp MP – SnapMirror Discovery

While trying out the latest MP from NetApp (ApplianceWatch) I ran into this d’oh moment. All objects and attributes were being discovered with my six test filers as expected, except for SnapMirrors.  A call to NOW gave me the obvious … Continue reading

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Problem with BMC Remedy connector for Opalis

I was geting started with Opalis’ Remedy Integration Pack and found that I could not get a connection to my AR server.  I copied in the AR System DLLs into my Action Server and Clients per IP instructions, but no … Continue reading

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